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Boost Business Growth: Incorporate Restaurant E-gift Card Strategy

$4174.1 million was the value of Australian gift card market in 2019. The vibrant Australian gift card market is expected to record a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7% between 2019 and 2023. The gift card market in Australia is expected to grow up to 5476.6 million US dollars by 2023. This growing segment is full of opportunities, especially for small to medium businesses. A business can gather momentum by incorporating an e-gift card strategy in their business as a way to appreciate their clients and thank their customers. 


What or who is driving the Australian gift card industry? 

The corporate sector is the answer here! The corporate sector is best fueling the growth of Australian gift card industry. Sales managers, sales executives, and human resource managers keep looking for a way to incentivize outstanding work. Multinational corporations end up placing bulk orders for customer-reward programs and retention strategies. Still don’t feel enough motivation to incorporate gift cards in your business? The following statistics are sure to leave you motivated!


The main reason to incorporate a restaurant e-gift card strategy in your business: 

47% of the respondents in Australia would prefer to receiver a gift card  over other types of physical gifts, shows a recent study conducted by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR).

Beyond the pain and pleasure principle, there is one payment method that serves the convenience and provides comfort – digital. Digital payments, being the mainstream payment option, are taking over the restaurant gifting world. The emerging trend of E-gift cards in Australia is developing economies, and the Australian gift card market value is proof. We can’t deny the fact that the cashless society is on the horizon as Australians embrace digital transactions for buying gift cards.

Plastic gift cards are on their way to becoming a thing of the past. From gift shopping to paying bills, everything is being done online by everyone. Did you know that back in 2017, 53% of smart-phone users worldwide were already making their payments digitally? 

Is your business already online ready? If so, then why gifting is not? Good Food Gift Card can deliver services up to your expectations even if you very rarely get cash out. Go cashless confidently as you choose Good Food Gift Card as your partner in business success. Visit Good Food Gift Card now to buy restaurant e-gift cards in Australia in bulk at an unbeatable price! 

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